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Environmental Health Software

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Amusement Rides

WinWam Amusement Ride Safety Inspection Software is used by government officials to ensure
that amusement ride equipment and attractions meet stringent safety requirements. We inspect carnivals, amusement parks, air inflatables, go-cart tracks, water parks, and more.

Two men put together upholstered furniture

Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, & Quilted Clothing

WinWam Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing inspection software helps regulators ensure that products with filling materials are hygienically clean and are properly represented in the marketplace.

A female nurse whels an older man around a nursing home

Day Health Facilities

Government agencies use WinWam to inspect adult and pediatric day health service facilities. The inspections are comprehensive; including food service and nutrition, physical environment, employee personnel files, health files, and transportation.

A man with a clipboard looks up at the side of a house

Housing Inspections

Inspectors use WinWam to inspect dwelling units to ensure that standards are maintained by both owners and occupants. Minimum standards of safe living, sleeping, cooking, and eating areas are reviewed by the housing inspector. When violations are found, corrections can be made within a designated period and re-inspections are completed to confirm corrections.

A large white storage tank

Storage Tanks

WinWam is used to inventory, track, and inspect flammable and combustible liquid storage tanks systems. The software lets regulators maintain databases of above ground (AST) and underground storage tanks (UST). Inspections are performed at pre-installation, installation, modification, and maintenance.

A puppy holds its head against bars of a crate

Animal Facilities

WinWam is used to inspect kennels, pet shops, animal shelters, and pounds. The software guides inspectors through the process of ensuring that animal facilities are compliant with basic sanitation, feeding, watering, disease control, transportation, euthanasia, and record keeping.

A tattoo artists draws a tattoo of a sun with a yin and yang symbol in it on an arm

Body Art

Public health officials use WinWam to inspect body art establishments to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. Inspectors verify the operation and maintenance of body art facilities in order to protect the public from injury, minimize the potential for blood-borne disease transmission, and provide a safe and healthy environment.

A sign that reads Camp Grounds with an arrow

Family Type Campgrounds

Health inspectors use WinWam to inspect campgrounds that accommodate tents, motor homes, and more. Inspectors make sure that these facilities, which are frequently visited during vacation season, are maintained in safe and sanitary conditions and that potable water and adequate sewage solutions are provided.

A little girl with sunglasses lounges on an inner tube

Public Recreational Bathing

Health inspectors use WinWam to inspect public, semi-public, and special-purpose swimming pools. Inspectors check water quality, bather load compared to capacity, sanitary conditions, safety, and supervision.

Two little girls laugh in summe camp t-shirts

Youth Camp Safety

WinWam Youth Camp Safety Inspection Software is used to ensure the health and safety of children's day and overnight camps. Camps are inspected for general sanitation, immunization, food safety, and compliance with regulations related to swimming, boating, horseback riding, archery, and other activities.

A white sand beach and grass in front of the ocean

Bathing Beaches

Public health officials use WinWam to inspect any body of water used for bathing or swimming purposes. This includes ponds, lakes, streams, freshwater, saltwater, and more. Inspections are performed to
protect the public from diseases associated with water contamination from pathogenic agents or hazardous

Rows of jail cells on either side of a long hallway

Correctional Facilities

Public health inspectors utilize WinWam when inspecting correctional facilities. Inspectors use our software to check facility conditions such as ventilation, plumbing, bedding, eating,  and drinking utensils, as well as to ensure the general health and safety of detainees. 

A woman with a box of zucchini on a farm

Farm Labor Camps

Health officers use WinWam to inspect Farm Labor Camps. This includes any tract of land, including all buildings, vehicles, and other structures located on the farm. WinWam is used to keep the farm laborer healthy, to protect personal rights, protect the consumer from contamination.


A person in a blue coat and gloves opens up a septic tank cover

Septic Tanks & Wells

Environmental health inspectors use WinWam to inspect sewage disposal systems (septic systems) and wells to make sure they are properly constructed and compliant with regulations. The inspection life cycle includes the review of the design, installation, and certification of completion.


A woman works at a tanning bed

Tanning Facilities

WinWam is used by regulators to inspect tanning facilities to ensure compliance with regulations for consumer safety, basic sanitation, disinfection, record keeping, and signage.

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