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A bale of hay on a farm

Agriculture Software

A large scooper of animal feed in a bin

Animal Feed

WinWam Feed Software helps regulators safeguard the health of animals by ensuring that all manufactured and distributed commercial animal feed products are safe and nutritious. We do this through product registration, label review, sampling, and feed mill inspections.

Cheese and bottles of milk on a table

Dairy & Dairy Products

WinWam Dairy Software is designed to assist regulators in ensuring the safety of milk and dairy products. The inspection component is integrated with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). Other modules include: registration, sampling, and violation tracking and notification.


Two hands holding a hemp plant


WinWam Hemp Software helps regulators with licensing, inspection, and sampling of industrial hemp. Licensing applications are reviewed to ensure hemp growers, universities, and seed producers conform to eligibility requirements. WinWam supports regulators throughout the hemp life cycle from pre-harvest inspection to post-harvest destruction.

A fruit and vegetable stand with different boxes including peppers, tomatoes, bananas, eggplant, carrots, onions, oranges, lemons, and cucumbers

Produce Safety

WinWam Produce Safety Software is designed to collect farm establishment information, perform FSMA produce safety inspections in the field, and generate quarterly FDA reports. We also offer modules for an online grower registration portal and online PSR exemption.


Five chickens in a cage, some sticking their heads out

Animal Industries

WinWam helps investigators perform a wide variety of inspections that protect livestock, poultry, and pets from illness and abuse. We inspect animal breeders, auction markets, dealers, hatcheries, kennels, pet shops, poultry, shelters, and veterinary hospitals.

A tray of eggs on a table, two are out loose on the table

Egg Permitting & Inspections

WinWam Egg Software allows for the online licensing of retail business, distributors, and the plants that sell egg products or shelled eggs. Inspectors use WinWam to inspect for quality, grading, proper labeling, and refrigeration.

Bread loaves on a factory conveyer belt

Manufactured Food

WinWam Manufactured Food Safety Software helps regulators ensure that foods are manufactured under safe and sanitary conditions and that they are properly labeled through registration, label review, sampling, and inspections. The inspection component is integrated with the Manufactured Food Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS).

A hand holds seeds some of which are falling out


Regulators use WinWam Seed Inspection Software to monitor and inspect a wide range of seeds (e.g., for agriculture, turf-grass, vegetables, flowers) for the prevention of noxious weeds. Seed packaging is reviewed to ensure compliance with the Federal Seed Act (FSA) “truth-in-labeling” law.  Field inspectors us WinWam to collect random samples to make sure that the seed label properly reflects the germination potential, the kind and number of noxious weeds per pound, and more

Two men putting together upholstered furniture

Bedding, Upholstery, & Quilted Clothing

WinWam Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing inspection software helps regulators ensure that products with filling materials are hygienically clean and are properly represented in the marketplace.

A man spraying pesticides at crops

Fertilizer, Pesticides, & Lime

WinWam Fertilizer, Pesticides, and Lime Software helps regulators ensure the integrity of regulated commodities with product registration, label review, sampling, and inspections.

A man holds up a piece of mood where a bee colony has settled

Plants, Entomology, & Apiary

WinWam Plant Software is used by government regulators for the prevention, control, and eradication of pests that endanger bees, horticulture, and agriculture. We also help ensure that products certified for export are free from pests.



A woman weighs a pineapple in a supermarket

Weights & Measures

WinWam Weights & Measures is a collection of six modules: Package Checking (HB133 Net Content), Device Inspection (HB44), Price Verification (HB130), Fuel Sampling, Registration (Devices, Weighmasters, Service Techs) and Hypertext Handbooks. The inspection modules are built to perform inspections in accordance with the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) regulations.

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