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Weights & Measures/Consumer Protection

WinWamWeights & Measures is a collection of four modules: Package Checking, Devices, Price Verification and Hypertext Handbooks. All of the Weights & Measures modules are built to perform inspections in accordance with the United States National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) regulations.

WinWam Package Checking Software (WinWamPCS) is designed for Weights & Measures officials and quality assurance professionals to perform standard and random inspections in accordance with NIST Handbook 133. A setting allows the jurisdiction to indicate whether calculations are based on the Handbook 133 4th Edition or the 4th Supplement.


Intuitive, easy-to-use
WinWam PCS guides you through the inspection process. Error, MAV and cost error are calculated for each test. Color displays allow easy identification of pass, fail, or gray areas.


Packages can be inspected in varying units: ounces, grams, pounds, 
    fluid ounces, count, length, etc. 

  •  Automatically calculates MAV (Normal, USDA Standard, USDA Fluid,   
         Bark Mulch & Polyethylene Sheeting). 

  • Allows for variations due to moisture gains or loss. 

  • Calculates Cost Error, Error Percentage per test

  • Tracks Label Failures

Scale Interfaces:

Checking Software interfaces with many scales allowing weight indications to be automatically transferred from the scale to the PC. Contact us for a complete list of compatible scales.

Package Checking

WinWam Device Inspection Software is a comprehensive software package designed for Weights & Measures officials to perform and record NIST Handbook 44 inspections. WinWam Device Inspection supports all devices specified in Handbook 44.

WinWam Device Inspection supports: Scales, Heavy Capacity Scales, Bulk Weighing Systems, Weights, Liquid Measuring Devices, Vehicle Tank Meters, Liquefied Petroleum, Anhydrous Ammonia, Hydrocarbon Gas Vapors, Belt Conveyor Scales, Cryogenic Liquid, Milk Meters, Water Meters, Vehicle Tank as Measures, Farm Milk Tanks, Measure Containers, Graduates, Dry Measures, Berry Baskets, Fabric Measuring Devices, Wire and Cordage, Linear Measures, Taximeter,s Timing Devices and Grain Moisture Meters.

Calculates Tolerances

Whether acceptance or maintenance, WinWam Device Inspection Software automatically calculates tolerances for nearly all tests, and allows for extensive customization of inspection data, tests and tolerances.

Online Inventory of Devices

WinWam Device Inspection Software provides a comprehensive databae of business establishments with a complete inventory of devices. Full detail inspection data allows management the ability to better measure the economic impact of the program.

Price Verification

WinWam Price Verification Software (WinWamUPC) is designed in accordance with NIST Handbook 130's Examination Procedure for Price Verification (aka Publication 19). WinWam UPC runs on a standard laptop or Tablet PC. For streamline data collection WinWam UPC interfaces with a number of handheld scanning devices.

How it works


The insepctor enters the commodity name, commodity location (optional), scans the UPC on the shelf and records the shelf price.
After collecting the information for all of the products being audited the inspector prints out the bar code scan sheets. The inspector then scans the printout at the POS (Point of Sale) register and enters the price as it appears on the POS. The system calculates the cost error, the failure rate, over/under ratio and determines the re-inspection frequency.



Hypertext Handbooks are a collection of on-line reference manuals in which the user can view government regulations,  search on a particular topic and print any part of the handbook with the touch of a button.

Handbook text can be cut/pasted and incorporated into the WinWam inspection or any Microsoft compliant tool. An electronic glossary of terms is incorporated for instant access to handbook definitions.

Available Handbooks:

  • NIST Handbook 44

  • NIST Handbook 133

  • Publication 19 (Examination Procedure for Price Verification)

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