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Supported Scales

​WinWam Package Checking and Questionnaire Deluxe interfaces to many make / model scales.  Listed below are compatible scales.  If you do not see your scale listed  on this page contact

  • A&D EKi /EWi Series

  • A&D FG Series

  • A&D FV Series

  • A&D HC Series

  • Digi DI-10 / DS-570

  • Doran DS100

  • Doran Model 8000

  • GSE 574

  • K-Scales Model KS-1

  • Mettler Toledo AM/PM/SM

  • Mettler Toledo BBA Series

  • Mettler Toledo CB

  • Mettler Toledo GD12

  • Mettler Toledo ICS4 / ICS5

  • Metter Toledo IND

  • Mettler Toledo PE

  • Mettler Toledo PG

  • Mettler Toledo SB 16001

  • Mettler Toledo Viper PM6

  • Ohaus Defender Series

  • Ohaus Navigator Series

  • Ohaus Ranger Series

  • Ohaus TP Series

  • Ohaus Trouper Series

  • Pennsylania Model 5600

  • Pennsylania Model 7600 (2003+)

  • Pennsylvania Model 7600 (Legacy)

  • Prime Scale Model C60K-D

  • Rice Lake DC-190

  • Rice Lake IQ 700

  • Rice Lake IQ Plus 590

  •  Sartorius Model CP or GEM

  •  Sartorius  Model LP or QC

  •  Sartorius Combics 1 or 2

  •  Sartorius Signum 2

  •  Setra SuperCount

  • ​Toledo DigiTOL

  • Toledo Mentor

  • WEIGH-TRONIX Bench Scale


Important:  When selecting a scale for Package Checking, make sure that it meets Handbook 133 Scale Requirements (2.2.1.).  The fact that the scale listed above may be compatible with WinWam, it does not  mean that the particular model meets Handbook 133 requirements.

NIST Handbook 133    2.2.1    Scale Requirements:

Use a scale (for this handbook the term “scale” includes balances) that has at least 100 scale divisions.  It must have a load-receiving element of sufficient size and capacity to hold the packages during weighing.  It also requires a scale division no larger than 1/6 of the Maximum Allowable Variation (MAV See MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE VARIATION) for the package size being weighed.  The MAV See MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE VARIATION/6 requirement ensures that the scale has adequate resolution to determine the net contents of the packages.  Subsequent references to product test results requiring the agreement to within one scale division are based on scale divisions that are equal to or only slightly smaller than the MAV See MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE VARIATION/6.  (See Appendix A, Table 2‑5. “Maximum Allowable Variations (MAVs) for Packages Labeled by Weight.”)



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