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All of the WinWam Software modules can share the same database. 

Management Tool

At a glance all activity at a business can be viewed. Management can easily report on the number of complaints inspected and their results.  Management can use this information to track trends, develop inspection plans based on risk assessments and realign workforce to maximize performance.

Comprehensive Business File

All of the WinWam modules share a common and complete database of business establishments. Each business can include: Inspection Location Information,  Mailing Information,  Contact Information, General Demographics, Inspection History, Inspection Scheduling, Unlimited User Definable Fields


  •  Accurate and Consistent Inspections

  • Legible and Professional Reports

  • Capable of Enterprise Wide Reporting

  • Statistical reports for trend analysis

  • Economic Impact Reports (Weights & Measures)​

  • Information Sharing

  • ​Enterprise, Intra / Inter-Agencies, Public

  • ​Easy to Use - Common Tool - cross training

  • Flexible Questionnaire Designer

  • ​Data available to graph inspection trends

WinWam puts business and inspections

at your fingertips

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