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Dairy and Dairy Products

​From the farm, to the production / processing of milk and milk products, inspectors use WinWam to enforce the FDA Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO). Using WinWam Inspectors insures that dairy products purchased are wholesome, produced under sanitary conditions and are correctly labeled.

Dairy Farm Inspection

Dairy Plant Inspection

Dairy Plant Inspections

Milk Hauling Tank Inspection

Inspections forms include, but are not limited to:


• Appendix N Inspection Report
• Bulk Milk Hauler-Sampler Evaluation Report
• Dairy Farm Inspection Report
• Manufacturing Plant Inspection Report
• Milk & Whey Plant Inspection Report
• Milk and Dairy Distributor Inspection Report
• Milk Plant Equipment Test Report
• Milk Sample Collection Evaluation Report
• Milk Tank Truck Inspection Report





1. Record Inspection

  • Administrators set the inspection standards. 
  • Consistent inspections
  • The software guides the inspectors

Handwriting Recognition with Tablet PC

2. Record Code Violations and Observations​


  • Responses trigger pop-up PMO code violations 
  •  Inspectors add notes to clarify violations observed
  • Inspectors add notes to educate

3. Add Photo, Drawings, Floorplans &  Flowcharts​

4. Capture Business Contact Signature

PC Replaces Inspector's Clipboard

The inspector armed with WinWam on a Tablet PC or Laptop PC can view a full-page inspection form without jumping to multiple screens. The inspection form is turbo charged with intelligence. Responses on the form can trigger pop-up code Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) violations or fail text. The inspector can append notes, create flowcharts, attach electronic documents and digital photographs.

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