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Clients Highlighted

"The people at WinWam have gone above and beyond the call of duty to create a comprehensive and sophisticated program and they have done it at a fraction of the cost it would have cost my staff to develop a similiar solution."

Currently thirty-two state agencies and numerous counties and city governments and comercial organizations have purchased WinWam Software.  Below is a sampling of some clients. For a complete list of clients please contact us.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Food and Lodging Division uses WinWam Software to perform food safety inspections at grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, schools, senior meal sites, mobile food units, lodging facilities, food wholesalers / warehouses, food processors and food manufacturers. In addition, contract Kansas County Health departments peform inspection in WinWam posting their inspections to the Department of Agriculture's database.  Kansas uses WinWam Citizen Portal allowing the public to view inspections over the web.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Weights & Measures Division tests all consumer goods that are subject to the Kansas Weights and Measures laws using WinWam Software.  They test scales used in grocery stores, grain elevators, livestock sale barns, pawn shops and other locations. They test gas pumps and meters used to sell chemicals or to sell propane to home owners. They check packages containing edible and inedible products to ensure that the consumer receives the quantity stated on the label. They even verify that in-store scanners scan the correct price.

Kansas Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Commodities Assurance Program uses WinWam to inspect the quality of feed, pet food and seed. 

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State of Florida Department of Agriculture - Bureau of Weights and Measures inspects more than 65,000 commercial measuring devices each year using WinWam Software.  These devices include retail scales, pharmacy balances, industrial and livestock scales, vehicle scales and taximeters.  Florida's inspectors uses WinWam Price Verification Software to ensure the accuracy of retail price scanners.  The Bureau uses WinWam Package Checking to test the accuracy of labels and net content of food and non-food package goods such as dry goods, household items, building and construction materials, gardening products and hundreds of other products purchased daily by consumer and business.  

Florida Department of Agriculture Dairy Inspections also use WinWam Package Checking Software to test the net contents of Milk and other dairy products.

State of Massachuesetts Department of Public Health Food Protection Program recently purchased WinWam to perform various types of inspections including: Food Processing, Dairy, Retail Food, Seafood and Bottled Water.  The Town of Ashland, Town of Hopkinton and Town of Medway Department of Health will be using WinWam to perform restaurant inspections and sync their inspection data to the State Department of Health

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 State of Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship uses WinWam to perform regulatory inspections that protect animals, plant industry , dairy products, consumers and industry.  The following bureaus use WinWam:  Animal Health & Welfare, Apairy,   Dairy Products Control,  Entomology & Plant Science and Weights & Measures.

State of Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce, Bureau of Regulatory Services efficiently enforces the State's laws and regulations using WinWam Software. Regulatory Services uses WinWam to perform Weights & Measures Inspections (Device, Price Verification, and Package Checking). In addition, the Bureau conducts Food Safety Inspections, Syrup Inspections, Catfish Inspection, Egg Inspection, as well as, enforces miscellaneous product labeling laws with WinWam. 

Mississippi Departments using WinWam Software:  Consumer Protection, Weights & Measures and Petroleum.

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State of Illinois Department of Agriculture protects consumers, businesses and animals with WinWam Software. Meat and Poultry inspectors ensure consumers receive wholesome, properly identified meat and poultry products by inspecting slaughter and processing facilities with WinWam Software. The department also uses WinWam to inspect cold warehouses and meat brokers. The Animal Health & Welfare department uses WinWam to inspect auction markets  and dealers, animal transporation, slaugther livestock buyers, pet shops, breeding and boarding kennels, and shelters.  The Weights & Measures department annually tests more than 91,000 commercial weighing and measuring devices  using WinWam Software.  These devices inlcude:  gasoline pumps; scales for groceries, freight, coal and trucks; and grain moisture meters. Inspections benefit both buyers and sellers of goods by ensuring the devices' accuracy.

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