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Animal health inspectors use WinWam to inspect and monitor the health and welfare of animals.  

Animal Health & Welfare

Pet shops, Kennels, Cattery, Dog Dealers, Animal Control, Animal Shelter, Guard Dog, Foster Home ...
Agriculture inspectors use WinWam to inspect companion animal facilities. Facilities include: pounds and shelters, pet shops, research facilities, distributors, out-of-state distributors, boarding facilities, animal rescues and foster homes. Field inspectors also use WinWam to investigate complaints.
Livestock Auction Markets, Hatcheries, Dealers, Animal Transportation, Slaughter and Livestock Buyers...
Inspectors use WinWam to insure that animal raised for food are kept in humane conditions and receive humaine treatment during sale, handling and slaughter.  regulate livestock auction markets and dealers, animal transportation and slaughter livestock buyers
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